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Vegan Nation

(Deutsche Fassung s.u.) 

While vegans beyond the big cities and conurbations often feel very lonely and alone, the numbers speak a different language. Veganism is the new lifestyle par excellence. So why shouldn't we unite? Clubs to a great vegan nation? 

Exactly this approach also had the Israeli Isaac Thomas with three friends and they developed the idea of the VeganNation. In principle, the four founders and their now strong team want to build a new economic system in Tel Aviv and around the world. "The whole thing will be based on the new blockchain technology," explains the red-haired Isaac time and again, gaining sceptical glances. But the 34-year-old vegan is convinced: "The everyday challenges in the lives of the vegans of this world can be completely eliminated by this technology. 

What are these challenges? 

1. Where can I get something to eat? 

Who does not know this: What still works at home somehow becomes a challenge when travelling. In many places in the world there is simply not yet an adequate infrastructure for avoiding animal suffering. With this problem a kind of "Airbnb for vegan meals" is to help, explains Isaac. The red-haired beard bearer lives in Miami and Tel Aviv and tells how the idea for "food sharing" came about. 

"The original idea was primarily to help college students in the USA get vegan food at a reasonable price," he adds. In addition, the food sharing app would simplify contact with like-minded people. Everyone can offer something and invite other people home or act as a take-away provider. Afterwards one evaluates oneself mutually and the payment runs over the vegan currency, the VeganCoin. 

2. Where can I find 100% vegan goods? 

Vegans have a special problem: They do not want - in most cases - to support animal suffering. So one selects carefully and explicitly the companies, which work vegan. Real transparency, however, does not really exist. But Isaac Thomas knows: "A vegan wants transparency. He wants to know where his money goes and what he supports with it. "Therefore, the combination of veganism and blockchain technology is a marriage made in heaven." In fact, so-called smart contracts (=intelligent contracts), which are stored on the block chain and constantly checked, make it possible to create absolute transparency. "One can then see the complete production chain and support the enterprises, which are really to 100% vegan, explain Isaac, which lives vegan even for two years. 

3. Where can I get information and exchange myself stress-free? 

Facebook could be so beautiful, but sometimes even posting a recipe becomes a bitterly nasty discussion template. What is surely good and right can be annoying. Therefore a platform would be, on which one without stress vegane Blogartikel adjust, photos, videos and prescriptions can exchange nevertheless something fine - Isaac thought itself and wants to create therefore also a kind "veganes Facebook". "All vegans who contribute to the system and make valuable contributions are paid by the VeganNation with VeganCoins. That is the idea for the community on VeganNation," says the VeganNation CEO. 

This covers the areas of food, shopping and social media. But the most important part of the vegan world conquest is the VeganCoin. For the vegan nation, which is later to be a fully functional vegan eco- and economic system, it needs its own vegan currency. A crypto currency seems to be the logical conclusion. The VeganCoin should serve as the only means of payment. 




Help - what is a crypto currency? 

Breathe deeply. A crypto currency is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. It is a virtual or digital currency. No cash with notes and coins but a little like when I buy something on the Internet and pay for it with my credit card. In this case, no cash is sent from person A to person B, but virtual money is moved back and forth. Exactly the same thing happens with a crypto currency. 

The means of payment is then not stored in a real wallet, but in a so-called e-wallet, for example on a mobile phone or on a PC at home. You can download VeganCoin - like any other crypto currency - to a physical e-wallet.

What is the basis for such a crypto currency?

The whole system is based on the so-called blockchain technology. A blockchain is in principle a huge decentralized system with a lot of computers and systems. that network and communicate with each other. The Blockchain does not need a regulatory authority. The system regulates itself because no one has more power than anyone else. 

What does it mean? „"No bank, no government and no powerful individual have any influence on the system," says Isaac and you can see his enthusiasm.

Why doesn't it need an agency? Because it's not one place that approves a bank transfer, for example, but a whole lot of people. This allows better control. Not one authority confirms the correctness of an information, this is done by several randomly selected computers. 

A hypothetical example: A supermarket declared as vegan becomes part of the vegan nation. Over time, however, customers notice that the supermarket in the next room also sells eggs. Now different arbitrary users at different times give the information into the system: 100% vegan are not. 

This has two possible consequences: 

1. the supermarket notices that it has "leaked out" and changes its assortment. 

2. the supermarket leaves the vegan nation because it is not and does not want to be 100% free of animal suffering. "The transparency of the system encourages the individual to try harder. Because not ONE inspector comes by on Thursday, but ANY customer can be the "inspector". The system monitors itself, so to speak. This is an exciting aspect of veganism," Isaac explains to all those interested. 

The VeganCoin - how does it work now?

VeganCoin is due to be launched at the beginning of September 2018. Then the "market launch", the so-called ICO (initial coinoffering) for the VeganCoin is planned. On this day, anyone with at least $20 left can buy VeganCoins. Vegan or not. 

This currency is initially set at 50 cents (US) per token. All those who buy in the first 24 hours will benefit from a 25% discount on their first purchase. Then over time more and more systems will go online and the members of VeganNation can do more and more things within the nation.

"Of course it's a process. The platforms won't all work from day one," explains Isaac. But the group of those who will accept VeganCoin as a means of payment is growing daily. Meanwhile more than 100 companies all over the world have it; from Mallorca to South Africa, from Russia to America. Among them in Germany are also big names such as Veganz and Avesu, but also small restaurants such as Leykaeat.green.fresh in Unna or the Naturkost-Hotel Harz in Bad Grund. 

Ideally, a small economic system develops quickly, as in Mallorca, for example. There each Veganer with the VeganCoin can buy in the supermarket Lo Vegano, then still in the Vegan&Raw go to eat and later its tired head in the mansion Vegana bed. "In an ideal world, the VeganCoin will then keep a stable value and only increase in value over time, unlike BitCoin," dreams the VeganNation CEO. But he no longer has any influence after the ICO. "Then the blockchain, i.e. all participants, takes control," he continues. The value of the currency is then determined by supply and demand. "What this means e.g. with BitCoin, I think everyone knows that," he adds.

But the VeganCoin is not like the BitCoin! 

The BitCoin is currently the most popular token on the market. As with other crypto currencies, coins or tokens are created by solving complicated computational tasks. Once a coin has been created, it can be sold from one person to the next. Without intermediaries, without (or in the case of BitCoin with only very low) fees and without control of the regulatory authorities, simply with the mobile phone and an app. 

With BitCoin, anyone who provides computing power can participate in the creation of tokens. "Mining" is the name of this process and of course it costs electricity above all. That is anything but sustainable, say the critics. And even if the technology is still in its infancy and the energy balance is certainly improving, the VeganCoin is different. It is not "minted". 

From the beginning of VeganCoin there is a fixed number of tokens. "These are slowly transferred to the system over a period of 10 years to prevent strong fluctuations in value as best as possible," says VeganNation CEO Isaac Thomas. 

What are the risks of VeganCoin?

Currencies are only worth something if users believe in them. That is exactly the same with our euro. This means that the moment users lose faith in their currency, it loses value. Bad press, server problems, new tax laws - many scenarios are conceivable, anything can lead to a crypto currency flopping. "However, there is one decisive difference: Behind the VeganCoin stand vegans, who are united by their ideology to a firm community. This is a power that most other digital currencies don't have," adds Isaac Thomas with pride. 

One factor that is not entirely open to discussion is the issue of taxation. The regulations vary from country to country, or in many cases do not yet exist. This can be good for the users - but it doesn't have to be. For more information, please contact your tax advisor.

"Anyone who invests in VeganCoin must see it as an investment. They are almost always associated with a certain risk," says the Israeli. 

What are the chances of the VeganCoin?

The best-case scenario is that the value of the VeganCoin not only stabilizes over time, but also increases. "We plan to slowly introduce the 1 billion Vegan Coins into the system," says 34-year-old Thomas. At the latest when the coins are all in the system, the value should increase as demand continues to grow. So the theory.

And even, if the value does not rise into the immeasurable: it remains the good feeling to create with the VeganCoin a currency, which supports purely vegane enterprises and Veganismus as economic power in hard

numbers represents and makes interesting.

What is the next step for 

interested parties?

Who says I want to be part of the vegan nation doesn't have to do much. Simply register on the website www.veganNation.io for the whitepaper (the newsletter). There everyone gets the information, how, when and where the VeganCoin can be bought. All veganen business and Dienstleister can announce themselves by email and receive all further information. 

Fine, but how much is it?

There are currently no costs for private individuals or vegan businesses. Later you will have to download an e-wallet and as a business an app for free. "Afterwards business can be settled free of charge with a click on the mobile phone or iPad, is pleased VeganNation Frontmann Isaac Thomas.

What is the conclusion?

A great idea that promises greatness for the vegans of this world. If many people get excited, it can be something. At the moment the VeganNation is still a vision, in which however many humans participate.

Everyone should invest only what he or she "has left". Everyone who has something to contribute can participate, cook, write and earn VeganCoins. At this point the risk is low. In the worst case one got to know a new community and ate well vegan. 


Barbara Röss is a journalist, author and blogger on Mallorca. She did an interview with Isaac Thomas from VeganNation for her blog "Mallorca Talks". The video recording of the interview in English can be found here (www.mallorca-talks.com




 Deutsche Fassung


Während sich Veganer jenseits der Großstädte und Ballungszentren oft sehr einsam und allein fühlen, sprechen die Zahlen eine andere Sprache. Veganismus ist der neue Lebensstil schlechthin. Also warum sollen wir uns nicht vereinen? Vereinen zu einer großen veganen Nation? 

Genau diesen Ansatz hatte auch der Israeli Isaac Thomas mit drei Freunden und sie entwickelten die Idee von der VeganNation. Im Prinzip wollen die vier Gründer und ihr mittlerweile starkes Team in Tel Aviv und auf der ganzen Welt ein neues Wirtschaftssystem aufbauen. „Das Ganze wird auf der neuen Blockchain-Technologie basieren“, erklärt der rothaarige Isaac immer wieder und erntet dabei skeptische Blicke. Doch der 34-jährige Veganer ist überzeugt: Die alltäglichen Herausforderungen im Leben der Veganer dieser Welt lassen sich durch diese Technologie komplett beseitigen. 

Welche Herausforderungen sind das? 


1. Wo bekomme ich etwas Ordentliches zu essen? 

Wer kennt das nicht: Was zuhause noch irgendwie geht, wird auf Reisen zur Herausforderung. An vielen Orten dieser Welt gibt es einfach noch keine ausreichende Infrastruktur für Tierleid-Vermeider. Bei diesem Problem soll eine Art „Airbnb für veganes Essen helfen“, erklärt Isaac. Der rothaarige Bartträger lebt in Miami und Tel Aviv und erzählt, wie die Idee zum „Foodsharing“ entstanden ist. „Die Ursprungsidee war vor allem, Collegestudenten in den USA zu helfen, kostengünstig an veganes Essen zu kommen“, fügt er hinzu. Außerdem würde die Foodsharing-App den Kontakt zu Gleichgesinnten vereinfachen. Denn jeder kann etwas anbieten und andere Menschen nach Hause einladen oder als Take-Away-Anbieter fungieren. Hinterher bewertet man sich gegenseitig und die Bezahlung läuft über die vegane Währung, den VeganCoin. 

2. Wo finde ich zu 100% vegane Waren? 

Veganer haben ein spezielles Problem: Sie wollen - in den meisten Fällen - kein Tierleid unterstützen. Also wählt man vorsichtig und explizit die Firmen aus, die vegan arbeiten. Echte Transparenz, jedoch, gibt es nicht wirklich. Isaac Thomas weiß aber: „Ein Veganer möchte Transparenz. Er möchte wissen, wohin sein Geld geht und was er damit unterstützt. Deshalb ist die Kombination aus Veganismus und Blockchain- Technology eine Heirat, die im Himmel geschlossen wurde.“ Tatsächlich ermöglichen es sogenannte Smart-Contracts (=intelligente Verträge), die auf der Blockchain gespeichert und immer wieder überprüft werden, absolute Transparenz zu schaffen. „Man kann dann die komplette Produktionskette einsehen und die Betriebe unterstützen, die wirklich zu 100% vegan sind“, erklärt Isaac, der selbst seit zwei Jahren vegan lebt. 

3. Wo bekomme ich Infos und kann mich stressfrei austauschen? 

Facebook könnte so schön sein, doch manchmal wird selbst das Posten von einem Rezept zur bitterbösen Diskussionsvorlage. Was sicher gut und richtig ist, nervt manchmal. Deshalb wäre eine Plattform, auf der man OHNE Stress vegane Blogartikel einstellen, Fotos, Videos und Rezepte austauschen kann doch etwas Feines - hat sich Isaac gedacht und will deshalb auch eine Art „veganes Facebook“ kreieren. „Alle Veganer, die zum System beitragen und wertvolle Beiträge einbringen, werden von der VeganNation mit VeganCoins dafür bezahlt. Das ist die Idee für die Community auf VeganNation“, sagt der VeganNation CEO. 

Damit sind die Bereiche Essen, Einkaufen und Social Media abgedeckt. Doch der wichtigste Teil der veganen Welteroberung ist der VeganCoin. Für die VeganNation, die später ein vollfunktionsfähiges veganes Öko- und Wirtschaftssystem sein soll, braucht es eine eigene vegane Währung. Eine Kryptowährung erscheint da die logische Schlussfolgerung zu sein. Der VeganCoin soll als einziges Bezahlmittel dienen. 



Hilfe - was ist eine Kryptowährung? 

Durchatmen. Eine Kryptowährung ist nicht so kompliziert wie sie auf den ersten Blick scheint. Es handelt sich um eine virtuelle bzw. digitale Währung.Kein Bargeld mit Scheinen und Münzen sondern ein wenig so, wie wenn ich im Internet etwas kaufe und dafür mit meiner Kreditkarte bezahle. In diesem Fall wird kein Bargeld von Person A zur Person B geschickt, sondern man schiebt virtuelles Geld hin und her. Genau das gleiche passiert bei einer Kryptowährung auch. 

Das Zahlungsmittel wird dann nicht in einem echten Portemonnaie aufbewahrt, sondern in einem sogenannten e-wallet, zum Beispiel auf dem Handy oder zuhause auf dem PC. Man kann den VeganCoin – wie jede andere Kryptowährung – auch auf ein physisches e-wallet herunterladen. 

Was ist die Basis für so eine Kryptowährung? 

Das ganze System basiert auf der so genannten Blockchain- Technologie. Eine Blockchain ist im Prinzip ein riesiges dezentrales System mit ganz vielen Computern und Servern, die sich vernetzen und miteinander kommunizieren. Die Blockchain kommt gänzlich ohne eine Regulierungsbehörde aus. Das System reguliert sich selbst, da niemand mehr Macht hat als ein anderer. 

Veganer auf dem Vormarsch: Jetzt kommt die eigene vegane Währung! 

Bitte was?! Eine eigene Währung? Ja, klar. Warum denn nicht: ca. 300 Millionen Veganer leben auf dieser Erde. Das macht eine Wirtschaftskraft vergleichbar mit den USA. Und die Tendenz ist klar: Es werden immer mehr!


Was ist das Fazit?

Eine tolle Idee, die Großes für die Veganer dieser Welt verspricht. Wenn viele sich begeistern lassen, kann das etwas werden. Momentan ist die VeganNation noch eine Vision, an der jedoch viele Menschen mitgestalten.

Investieren sollte jeder nur das, was er oder sie „übrig hat“. Mitmachen, kochen, schreiben und VeganCoins verdienen kann jeder, der etwas beizutragen hat. An dieser Stelle ist das Risiko gering. Im schlimmsten Fall hat man eine neue Community kennengelernt und gut vegan gegessen.


Von Barbara Röss 

Barbara Röss ist Journalistin, Autorin und Bloggerin auf Mallorca. Sie hat für ihren Blog „Mallorca Talks“ ein Interview mit Isaac Thomas von VeganNation gemacht. Die Videoaufzeichnung von dem Interview auf Englisch findest du hier (www.mallorca-talks.com